Growing up
5 months plus


This is CHYNA, the lastest addition to the Holcroft team. We are going back to our beginnings with this little lady, or not so little lady.

Labradors are primarily a working dog, over the years some lines are losing this ability, being bred more for beauty than brains.  Here at Holcroft we are trying a different approach. We have used our stud dog Maverick to a purely working bred bitch, to get a 'SHORK', the perfect mix of show and work. This started out as an experiment, but it has worked really well. The two lines have come together to give us  a more moderate Labrador that looks good and still has the ability to work well.

Chyna is 10 months old on the photo, she has done her first conformation show at six months old, being placed fourth in a strong puppy class and delighting us all. She is a quick learner and just wants to please you all of the time, she's great at retrieves and is about to start her gundog training.

She has her mother's trainability and the stunning good looks of her gorgeous father. Both parents have flawless temperaments which is so important in a labrador, obviously that has come through in Chyna. She loves everything that moves and takes everything in her stride.