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Holcroft Malinois

This is where it began, my love of the  Malinois. this is Robbie in his prime, my first Belgian Malinois.  Robbie was a beast of a dog, but he loved his mum.
I would dearly love another dog just like him, but I do realise that's a tall order. so we'll see.


The Shepherds.
   Karma, Marshall, Alice and Ripley, with pixie the labrador. Just one of these lovely Malinois will be staying at Holcroft to 'protect and serve'.


The chosen one is MARSHALL. He will be fully trained in KC rally, Agility and IPO.
Alice has gone back to live with her mother, Karma and Ripley have moved on to working homes.

Breeders of belgian malinois and show labradors