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the new generation


Allow me to introduce myself.. my name is Vause.
I am Malinois, Am I cute or what?? this is me at 7 weeks old, cute, cuddly, bouncy and energetic, just like a whirlwind, Im gonna turn your life upside down. I love to run n play, chew, bite, nip and DESTROY. That is what puppies do you know. I was born with lots of drives, the main one is to drive you crazy!
Crazy is what I am good at so you better handle me with care.


Now I can hear you say.. this wee thing is gonna drive me crazy?? surely not. Trust me.. it is my mission in life to show you the error of your ways, especially if you bought me for the wrong reasons.
I am not just a normal puppy, oh no, you see., I come from very fierce breeding, my ancestors can be traced right back to the late 19th century! They were herders, dogs that were to guard the flock and keep the family safe from would be intruders.


this is when I met Saffy.. hmmmp, she is behind the gate coz she told me off for jumping on her head.. well SCUUUSE ME Im a puppy.. so guess what I tld.. I told her off for being horrid to me.. so mumsy put Saffy where she couldnt get hurt


Look at my profile.. the breed hasnt changed through all those years.My ancestors originate from Belgium, in the town of Malines to be exact. This is where our protection abilities became clear, and people quickly realised the wide range of things we can be used for. To read more about the history of my breed.. go to HIstory.


when I came here, I didnt know I had a cousin.. here's me and cuz, he's called samson, I couldnt understand how we could be cousins. but granny fifi sed that my uncle Marshall had naughty relations with one of the labradors. He's great, me and him will be friends forever and ever.


Mumsy booked me into puppy class. so I went, I didnt know much really, and I had to stay for two classes, I was sooo tired, so I fell asleep halfway through, so I didnt learn a lot that night.