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Raising Vause

let me start by quoting one of my favourite paragraphs about the Malinois

Let me start by saying. Malinois do NOT make good pets!!
 they are strictly working and sporting dogs.  If you are NOT already involved with dog sport, you should not get a Malinois.

Every Malinois starts off soft. Eventually, as he matures, if the dog is not tempered through work, he will either end up out of control or fearful.  The trainer taps into the pups drives, heating the steel, and gradually exposing the pup to stressors.  Eventually, as he matures, The trainer brings the pup from the euphoric prey drive state to a state of control and focus, metaphorically tempering the steel.  This plunging from hot to cold, lends the Malinois its solid temperament.
After years of daily training, your Malinois can show the same  temperament as a Lab or German Shepherd, yet have the sharpness to work.  

so join me, over the rest of these pages, I'll try to explain how it is, to raise a Malinois, the highs, the lows, the mistakes, cause there will be some and the joys of teaching Vause.

Vause at 10 weeks old
belgian malinois puppy


12 weeks old
malinois puppy

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Vause at 12 weeks. her first visit to the IPO field went really well.. she practised some nice heelwork with Kayleigh, and greeted everyone nicely AND even got a go on the field, playing with Ian and the flirt pole. I havent got photos of that though.

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