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we had a guest

Training was suddenly halted when we had a distress call from Vause's breeder, one of Vause's brothers had gone to an inexperienced handler and needed a foster home PDQ.. well how could we refuse. so 'Boomer' came to stay with us for a few weeks. He had a few bad habits needed to be nipped in the bud, but first he needed some tlc and to know we are great ppl to live with.
so we had Vause, Boomer and Samson running riot around the place.


so the three amigos had what they thought was lots of bonding playtime, was actually me teaching them through play how to respond to each other in the correct manner, they all learned some recall, sits, down and some heelwork too, all through play.
Vause, of course, was still attending puppy classes run by 'Standish Dog Trainer' we had so much fun doing the classes, mainly because Vause decided each week that she didnt want to do one thing or another and no matter what I tried.. Vause sed no.. so I think all the other puppy owners had a good laugh at my expense. I took it all in good faith though.. I KNOW how stubborn these mals can be. She still passed her puppy foundation course.

standish dog trainer

We work hard, we play hard, we fight hard. It is in our nature to test and push. We endure, and protect… We are not soft or cuddly although my pictures would make you believe that much. We are fierce and proud, strong and willing protectors of our human friends and partners. This means we want to work. We will not do well in a purely pet situation. Do any of my family members get kept as purely pets? Yes they do… But they are few and far between… We need to keep busy to ensure we are physically and mentally tired.

Below we see Vause and her litter brother Boomer having fun. Boomer has since been successfully rehomed to an experienced handler and is having so much fun, he has fit right into family life.

malinois puppies


malinois puppies

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