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Marshall Law BH


Who should get a Malinois?:

Do you dream day and night of improving your performance as a dog trainer?
Do you have reflexes like a Chimpanzee? Can you take a punch without feeling the need to retaliate?
Are you calm in the face of embarrassment, danger,and even chaos? Can you remain calm around a very hyper dog?
Do you want a dog that can’t and won’t be a couch potato? A DOG JUST FOR TRAINING?
Do you have at least 2-hours per day to devote to training and exercise?
Do you have access to a Ringsport or Schutzhund club where you can find a mentor?
Are you versed in positive and negative training modalities?
Are you willing to put canine performance before your own physical and psychological comfort?

If you answer these questions with a round clear YES, you have what it takes to become a Malinois Handler.

Every Malinois starts off soft. Eventually, as he matures, if the dog is not tempered through work, he will either end up out of control or fearful.  The trainer taps into the pups drives, heating the steel, and gradually exposing the pup to stressors.  Eventually, as he matures, The trainer brings the pup from the euphoric prey drive state to a state of control and focus, metaphorically tempering the steel.  This plunging from hot to cold, lends the Malinois its solid temperament.
After years of daily training, your Malinois can show the same  temperament as a Lab or German Shepherd, yet have the sharpness to work.  

sooo meet my Maligator.,  kc reg name "MARSHALL LAW BH". here he is at six week old, isnt he just adorable?
But dont let that cute look fool you.


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