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The Story So far (jan 2016)

At 11 months old Marshall did his kc good citizen bronze award.. he didnt like posing for the piccy . I was so proud of my wee maligator. The test was hosted by Standish Dog Trainer which is where Marshall does Rally too.
At the same time we also started doing Agility.. oooo that was FUNNN. I have never had so much fun coming home full of bruises. that boy can JUMP!
 Marshall's favourite thing has to be the tunnels.. he's sooo funny. He will run through the tunnel, run at me at full speed, grab his lead and spend the next ten minutes running back and forth through the tunnel.. ok it wasnt ten minutes but it sure felt like it.. all eyes on Marshall and all I could do was laugh.
Marshall is now 2 years old and has matured into a stunning young man.
He has spent his spare time walking with 'Adults who have special needs' every thursday. I accompany them of course to supervise whomever is allocated to walk with Marshall n me. Marshall is soo good, he is extremely friendly and very gentle with his temporary 'walker'. I put his walking harness on so he knows what is expected of him and he slowly plods along with Wigan Active Living members.
When Marshall was 17 months old we did our first IPO trial at Croft IPO club. I was sooo nervous, I have done allsorts with my dogs,  dogs shows, obedience rally and agility competitions but NOTHING prepared me for the stress of a trial!
Before any dog can progress to do protection work in IPO he must pass the Temperament Test (BH)
A full  day in the field trialling, we passed WOOOOP WOOOOP and it didnt go without comment that I totally forgot the simple routine and made my own up oh dear, but anyways we passed and Marshall is now entitled to have 'BH' on his kc registered name.
so now, we are waiting to do kc good citizen silver, then gold after that.
On 28th December we did the kc rally show  hosted by FITDOGS. wowweeee
not stressed this time.. Marshall has worked so hard over the last 12 months at Rally and the only thing that lets him down is his handler... ME. I get lost, misread the signs. go the wrong way and have actually missed a station out completely.. it's all a learning curve and I have never done this before. we have had brilliant scores at our in house rally competitions but a show is a different matter altogether. Our first two competitions we got disqualified (the rules are very strict) but the competition on the 28th.. both Marshall and me were ready to rumble.
we did our course (level one) I felt we did ok.. I spoke to the judge on our way out of the ring who sed I'd picked up a couple of faults.
we waited till everyone had done the course.. the results were being read out.. first place to the lady with the bearded collies who won across the board,, 2nd place .. MARSHALL LAW.. ohhh that felt good.. my wee maligator got a wonderful score of 204 out of a possible 210 and earned himself SECOND place overall. To say I am proud of him doesnt cover it. he is an AWESOME dog. He gives 100% to do whatever I ask him to, from letting disabled adults take him for a walk..  to chasing down criminals., to being protector and chaperone to young litter of puppies.. he's my SUPERDOG, and at the end of each day, he comes and stretches out on his leather sofa in my room for a well earned sleep.


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