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Pixie:: Taylersbaby Sparkles For Holcroft

This is my baby girl PIXIE, at seven weeks old at the breeder's house. Start the way we mean to go on I say. I have waited a long time for this wee lady and see no reason at all why she cant be spoilt rotten!


We picked her out of a litter of 8 beautiful puppies and cant thank Jan and Abbie enough for allowing us to have our pick of Tayler's litter.


Dam: Holcroft Uptown Girl

Sire: Tintagel Winds Yours Truly at Lukyma


yep, this is the one who's cming home to meet the rest of the Holcroft's.



These are the two girls we whittled the litter down to, Diamond on the left and lilac on the right. was such a difficult choice, we stood them up so many times, let them run around, played games with them, stood them up again. Time was moving on and we still needed to make our choice, all things being equal, we ended up tossing a coin.. yep thats it tossing a coin lol. tbh I could have walked away with either of these girls and known it was the right choice. I know whomever gets the diamond lady is onto a winner.

bred for beauty and intelligence